Clerk of Superior Court

Amanda Killebrew, Deputy Clerk
Annie B. Williams, Chief Deputy Clerk
Karen F. Burke, Deputy Clerk

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Court House
P.O. Box  234
Jeffersonville, Georgia 31044
Phone Number: (478) 945-3350

The origins of the Clerk of Superior Court Clerks in Georgia are rooted in early British history. For centuries, the custody of court records was entrusted to judges. However, it became apparent that a judge alone was unable to preside over argument, record proceedings, and issue writs. Consequently, the office of the Clerk of court was created. Subordinate judicial officials were chosen from among the clergy, the only literate group at the time. Thus, “clerk” is derived from the Latin word “clericus” which means clergyman. In the English colonies, officers of the common pleas courts were known as county clerks, a title utilized in most states today.

The Georgia Constitution requires each county to maintain certain offices. Along with the Sheriff, Judge of the Probate Court, and Tax Commissioner, the Clerk of Superior Court is a constitutional officer elected to a four year term. Clerks of Superior Court have been elected since 1794.

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